Fish Tales

Fish Tales or should it be Fish Tails?

Please submit your biggest fish tale by replying to this letter. The biggest whopper will be in the following weeks Epistle.

I am also looking for Christian hymns we sing in church that have fishing as a part of the narrative.



Easter Egg Hunt a Great Success!

Our Savior's Lutheran Church hosted another great Easter Egg hunt this year. Some people estimate that as many as 135 people or more participated. That is an exceptional Event!.

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Thank You!

I want to thank those of you who committed your valuable time to the success of the Easter Egg Hunt. From the snack table, face painting, guessing game, Face Book advertising, picture taking, set up and clean up, welcome table, crafts, hiding eggs, sound system, beautiful lawn, egg toss, leading kids to hunting grounds, to the abundant contribution of egg-filled candies, snacks and drinks, everything fell into place. Everything went off without a hitch. You all are a wonderful congregation.

Carmen Nazario





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