Remodeling in the Sanctuary

Remodeling in the sanctuary has begun! Projects include painting the ceiling, new carpet, a larger cross on the back wall, better lighting.

During the month of June we will worship in the fellowship hall while the remodeling work is being done.

This is exciting, thank you to all who are working on this!



Day Camp/Vacation Bible School Registration has Begun!

The registration form for VBS/Day Camp is now available on line under activities, Vaction Bible School. Paper copies are available in the narthex, also. Please start registering your children!

Click the picture to register your child.




We are doing something a little different than we have done for quite some time. Since the fellowship hall and perhaps several other rooms may be in a disarray due to the redecorating of the sanctuary, we are going to get together for lunch at a restaurant and just enjoy food and fellowship.

We will have lunch at Spring Creek BBQ, located at 5810 S. Broadway at 12 noon on June 13, 2019. Mary Thompson has arranged to have a room reserved for us. For those who have not been there, it is cafeteria style. You go through the line to get your food, pay for it, and then proceed to the room. Please let Mary Ferguson know by June 10, 2019 whether or not you will be attending. Mary Thompson needs to let the restaurant know the number. Watch for further details and/or updates.

Mark your calendars. This is an excellent time to bring friends for some fantastic Christian fellowship. There is nothing to obligate you or no one to intimidate you, just great Christian friends to welcome you. Remember we are the “most caring Primetimers in the world”. You can RSVP to Mary Ferguson by phone: 903-565-6607 or email:



Ride to Church

We have a new person in our congregation who lives at Rosewood (just up the block from OSLC). She would like a ride to worship on Sunday morning. If you can help please call the church office or Becky Chambers.


New Picture directory for OSLC

Jennifer Videtto has volunteered to put a new picture directory together for
OSLC. For those members who are happy with the picture in the current
directory, let her know and that picture will be used. For members who do
not have a picture in the directory OR for those who would like an updated
picture utilized, please send a digital picture to Jennifer by July 4th. An
easy way to send a digital picture is to take one with a smart phone and
email to jennifer at

If you need help generating a digital picture, please let Amy Norris or
Jennifer know and a picture will be taken at church after any service in



Thursday Bible Study

We have bible study every Thursday at 10:00 AM in the church conference room. The current topic is Joshua and Judges. We study new chapters and verses every week, so you are welcome to join any time. Come and study the Word with us!

If you have any questions about our current study or future studies, please con-tact Chris Burris at 303-668-6643 or



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