Doctor of Ministry Church Administration (focus on Intentional Interim Ministry), Lutheran Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity, Luther Seminary

Bachelor of Arts Philosophy and Pre-seminary, University of Minnesota

Ministry and Related Service

My last 14 years of active ministry was serving congregations that were in transition, many of whom were experiencing conflict. I received training for this ministry through the Interim Ministry Network. In addition to serving Lutheran congregations, I also have served a Presbyterian Congregation.

I have been the pastor in rural, inner city, suburban, and small-town settings. I was an active duty Army Chaplain for 7 years and continued to be a chaplain the Army Reserves, until retiring from the Army Reserves in 1996. In that setting I have been trained in hospital, prison, and trauma chaplaincy. My experiences have taught me how to build multi-faith ministry, while strengthening and building the faith of those who were part of my denominational group.

Personal Sketch

Born and raised in Minnesota. I have lived in Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Germany, New Jersey, Ohio, and now Texas.

In 1996, my first wife died. I met a wonderful woman who was also widowed in 1996 on an on-line widows group. Pastor Christinia Seibel and I married in 1998. Together we have 5 children and 6 grandkids.

I enjoy Powerlifting and have been competing off and on for the last 10 years.