Dear Friends in Christ,

September is here and we are beginning a new year of Sunday School.  I’m excited; I’m convinced that Sunday School is one of the most vital ministries that we do.  Classes will begin on Rally Sunday, which is Sept. 8. Classes will be from 9:00 until 9:50 a.m. We offer classes for age 3 right through adults.

I’m going to be teaching the adult class this year. For many years at Our Saviour’s I lead the adult class. But the last few years I’ve been teaching in various youth classes. That has been fun but it is time for me to switch back to the adult class. I’m excited, I love teaching adults!

Just a quick update on what I will be teaching. As you may remember, we did a survey last summer to see what people were interested in. A class on Revelation was the leading vote getter. We had 40 plus responses to the survey. Revelation received 23 votes, the Small Catechism received 12. The rest of the votes were split over a variety of topics.

So, we are going to start the year with Revelation. I do have to say that I am intrigued by the votes that the Small Catechism received. The Small Catechism is one of the great faith resources and teaching tools that Lutherans have. We will take a look at the Small Catechism over the course of this year. Next winter for Lent I’m planning to use the Wednesday night events to do a study through the Small Catechism.

But for this fall, we are turning to Revelation. My plan is to lead you through the entire book. My hope is to equip you to be able to read and appreciate the book for yourself. Revelation is a fascinating and powerful proclamation of the Lordship and victory of Jesus Christ. We are going to have some fun exploring its images and messages. I also want to spend some time looking at approaches to Revelation that I don’t think are helpful. There is one view that is very prevalent in East Texas that suggests that Revelation lifts up an idea called the rapture. I find that a most unhelpful and unbiblical way to read Revelation. We are going to explore all of that.

So, Sunday, September 8, we begin our journey through Revelation. Please invite friends and non-members and anyone you think might be interested. We will do an in-depth study of this powerful last book of the Bible.

God Bless,
Pastor Mark

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