July 27, 2021

People of Christ,

Who serve one another and the world in His name,

We continue to care for one another!

And we encourage you to do what will take care of your health.

When I drive I listen to two different newspapers read. In one of them this week I have heard different information about how we are reacting to the opening up that has been happening – as more people are getting vaccinated.

One group of people it turns out, after 18 months of lock-down, have become afraid of getting out and being with other people. And, at least according to what I heard, there are a lot of people this is true for. Many in this category are actually vaccinated. But it now feels scary to be with other people. If this fits you – you can still be part of our community.

Yes, the obvious way is to continue to worship with us on line. We are glad to have you with us each week, and you are part of our community.

Another option if you want a way to feel safe and be physically with us in worship is to come on Sunday morning. You can sit in the narthex (entry way to the sanctuary), and be part of the community there. We will also gladly bring the communion elements back to you there – just tell the ushers that you would like this.

While most of us who are vaccinated are not wearing masks anymore, you are welcome to wear a mask if you choose to. Some who wear a mask yet do so because they wish to help protect others from viruses or germs that they may have come in contact with – while others are doing so for their own health. Both are valid reasons.

All of that is taking care of one another.

And those who are not masked are taking care of one another by being able to greet one another face to face again.

We rejoice in all of this – because we want you to reflect the heart of Jesus in your life. He who claimed you through the death and resurrection of Jesus continues to work on your whole life that you live as a disciple of Jesus.

In His service together with you,

Pastor Wally