Dear Friends in Christ,

I have two things I’d like to share for this July newsletter. The first is a reminder for our upcoming week of Day Camp/VBS. The second is to point you to a fascinating article at the end of this newsletter, written by one of our members, Glory Gopinath.

First the reminder – our week of Day Camp/VBS is coming this month. It will be July 15-19. We as a congregation have intentionally said that our vision for this is that every child possible be invited to attend. We have a wonderful Day Camp/VBS (I’m biased but I think it is the best in Tyler!). And we want every child possible to come here to learn about Jesus. And so we invite everyone we possibly can. I know that sometimes saying that makes people a bit nervous. But that is exactly the ministry that Jesus calls us too. We are blessed with plenty of space, a great staff coming from Lutherhill, great people in our congregation organizing and setting up already. Our goal is for more and more young people to come and experience the grace of Christ at our Day Camp. So, please be inviting – children, grandchildren, neighborhood children. The more the merrier!

Second, the article by Glory. Glory Gopinath, one of our newer members, shared a fascinating talk with our Primetimers a few months age. We thought it was so good that we want to share it with the whole congregation. The article is at the conclusion of this newsletter. Please be sure to read it and talk with Glory about it.

God Bless,
Pastor Mark

Remodeling in the Sanctuary – Thank you

By the time you read this, we are assuming the remodeling in the sanctuary has been completed. Thank you to everyone who has and is working on this! It looks incredible! What a marvelous update for our worship area!

Day Camp – July 15-19

Our week of Day Camp is coming soon! Day Camp is an expanded version of Vacation Bible School. We will bring in staff from Lutherhill Bible Camp to lead our Camp. The staff will be college students, with a lot of energy and excitement. They will lead activities of praise, study, worship, arts and crafts, games, and all sorts of crazy fun. It is going to be a high-energy week and a week of faith.

The dates for our Day Camp are July 15-19. The Day Camp will be for students age 3 through the 6th grade. The camp will be from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 on Monday through Thursday and 9:00 until noon on Friday. For those ages 3 & 4, their day camp will end at 12:00 each day.

Adults do sign up to help. You can help for a day, or a part of a day, or the week. The Lutherhill staff will lead and organize, we need adults to help supervise and support. And adults, we promise you a whole lot of fun!

Parents and students, please try to register ahead of time. (It helps us tremendously with the planning!) You can register on -line on the OSLC website. Or there are paper registration forms in the church entryway.

Please be in prayer about this. Let’s have an incredible week of sharing and celebrating!

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