Dear Friends in Christ,

I have a couple of things to share with you this month. First, however you are reading this newsletter, I know that it looks different to you. For many years our monthly newsletter was published to look like a newspaper. That was the standard communication means of most congregations, we have done that for years. Now we are changing that. Some of you are reading this electronically, and of course that is a new format for us. Some of you are reading this on paper, but we have changed and simplified the format. We’ve gone to a simpler layout that will be quicker and more efficient for the office to produce. In whatever format you are reading this, it looks different!

Let me assure you that the content is the same. We are still sharing the information that the members of our congregation need each month. Everything you are used to will be included. But I’m excited to try these new formats. We think we can both expand and simplify our communication with the congregation by using these new formats. So we are giving it a try. Please, in these next few months, let us know what you think about all of this. Please share your feedback with me and the church office. I’m sure we are going to have some kinks to work out and I’m sure we are going to be adapting what we are doing. Please share with us your ideas and observations.

Also, please let the church office know how you would like to receive this newsletter. We can easily send you either an electronic or a paper copy. (In fact if you would like both just let us know!) We want to be sure people are getting this information in the way that is most helpful for them. And our newsletter can also always be found on our church website. If you should happen to lose your paper copy (as I had a habit of doing and then I’d wonder how to find out certain dates!), you can always find the information on our church website.

I’m excited by all the new communication we are doing. We have an electronic newsletter, we have updated our weekly email epistle, we have a new website. We are expanding, simplifying, working to better communicate. We have made incredible progress. Please share with us your ideas and suggestions so that we can do an even better job.

And then my second thing to share with you, a most important reminder. Let’s continue with our focus on prayer and make 2019 a year of prayer. One of our congregational emphases these past few years has been on prayer. We’ve emphasized praying individually and together, we’re worked to ground all of our groups and all of our activities in prayer. That has been incredibly important in deepening and growing our congregation. Let’s continue with that in 2019. Let’s continue to be and to grow as a people of prayer.

God Bless,

Pastor Mark

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